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Predecessor is Shenzhen Nanshan District Jiahong furniture factory, create to in 1998, after nearly 20 years of development and change, in the year of the 2014 increased registered capital of 10 million yuan and named Shenzhen JiaHong Furniture Co., Ltd. .

Our is a set of model design and development, production, marketing (hall, stores, network marketing) is one of the office furniture enterprises in Chaoyang, company always adhere to the "quality first, the supremacy of credibility," the service concept, with many famous enterprises such as the SF group, thunderbolt technology, ZTE, CNOOC, YKK zipper, TCL group, Foxconn Group, ensimai electronic, government units such as Shenzhen City People's court, border Bureau, power supply bureau, Shekou Street office,, hotel school such as Sheraton Hotel, international hotel, Tsinghua University Research Institute of Shenzhen, Shenzhen middle school, such as the establishment of a long-term friendly relations of cooperation.

Division I products to implement five years warranty, three years warranty system, has won the unanimous praise of many customers. We provide a full range of advisory services, free computer design, free professional installation and maintenance, exquisite technology, first-class service, excellent products is our consistent pursuit of the goal, after many years of efforts, has developed into a group of production and sales enterprise. The products are sold to over cloth across the country, has a certain influence in the office furniture industry!

A warm welcome to all customers and the industry to visit the site and guidance!

Business philosophy: quality first, the supremacy of the credibility of

Enterprise mission: to bring you not only the quality of products, but also a kind of comfortable feelings.

Core values: integrity, intentions, Thanksgiving, innovation.

Style of work: take the initiative, immediate action, advance with the times.

Cultures: virtuous and talented exceptional use, not only training with Germany, the restriction of the use of non talented German, non German firm do not have.

Management culture: no tube is not a good staff, only the leadership of the tube.

Adhering to the "strive to become the furniture industry leading brands" corporate vision, 2014 our continue to force, from technology, service, management, net sales and other re introduction of talents, will be the company's development toward another new height (including business model), now to have dreams, abilities, willing to office furniture this sunrise industry to flourish, to realize the value of life, may with Jiahong furniture together to create a better tomorrow of youth volunteers issued a sincere invitation -- dream stage, beginning with you!

Main products are, please call or click on the details of customer service consulting:

Desk series: general manager, manager of Taiwan Taiwan etc..

Office series: a combination of office units (plate, aluminum, steel, etc.), such as collocation, Taiwan, etc..

Conference room series: conference table, negotiation table, training platform, podium, speech, etc..

High compartment series: the office of the high compartment, the data room high compartment, toilet partition, etc..

Front desk series: front desk, reception desk, etc..

Screen table series: single, double, three person, multi person, and other types of combination.     - the product is novel, the technology is excellent

File cabinet series: filing cabinets, filing cabinets, shift/storage cabinets, n drawers, push cabinet, cabinet magazine, tea tank, file cabinet, dense ark, industry and trade wardrobe, shoes cabinet, Exhibition cabinets, lockers (plate/steel).

Sofa table series: leather sofa, sofa, sofa suite Cipri, wood/glass/marble table etc..

Chair series: high/medium/low back seats, high/short back guest chair, class chair, conference chair, training chair, bar chair, chair, chair/waiting chair, auditorium chair.

School furniture series: ventilation cabinet, cabinet, experimental bench, training table, desk, bed, bathroom etc..
Hotel furniture series: doors and Mentao, bed and bedside cabinets, dining table, desk, fixed closet, wine tank, cabinet washbasin, towel rack, luggage rack and so on.

Other series: bed, dressing table, computer desk, wardrobe and other civilian furniture, and the hotel, office and other indoor and outdoor decoration works.