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Jiahong furniture (Jintai stores internal number for 899#) has settled Jintai international furniture in the past ten years, the two sides have established a long-term friendly relations of cooperation. And other stores, stores to discuss cooperation matters are also carried out…

Shenzhen Jintai international furniture was established in December 2001, as the country's well-known household brands, is a "based in Shenzhen, radiation Pearl River Delta, facing the country (Hong Kong and Macao)" super large furniture stores, set the wholesale, retail as one of the international furniture procurement trading center, the store covers an area of 80000 square meters, magnificent and elegant decoration. Shenzhen is currently the largest operating species most of the furniture stores, forming a set modern, European style, Chinese, classical, neo classical, luxury, simplicity and other thousands of style furniture in the class, to meet a station from the civilian to the office all types of furniture purchase demand.
Shenzhen Jintai international furniture is located in national highway 205 gold, Danping Expressway intersection point and water official high speed, machine Dutch high-speed access port, Nanping express, salt row high-speed, has opened the Metro Line 3, also from the side of the mall. Convenient traffic makes traffic network advantage in Shenzhen city furniture shopping mall in the most developed. The mall from Luohu, Huizhou, Yantian, Dongguan is only 10--20 minutes, achieved a large circulation of the hitherto unknown
! With the opening of Metro Line 3, the 2011 Universiade held, Longgang area and Shenzhen, the Pearl River Delta furniture retail face a broad space for development. Expansion of the SAR, Shenzhen integration process accelerated, resulting in great development, great opportunities. Therefore, as the Shenzhen furniture industry benchmarking enterprises Jintai international furniture, customer oriented, take the market as the core, to the tenant partners as three principles, for the customer, for tenants to provide a full range of services is Jintai international furniture of the core business philosophy. Provide a broad platform for tenants and sustainable development opportunities for partners to provide generous returns.