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The decoration of the entrance design of Feng Shui Home Furnishing decrypt 9 secret

Date:2016-01-16 Form: JiaHong Furniture   Hit

Entrance is one of the most important part of the residential core, can be said that the residential, the throat area, it gives entrants feeling quite in between people's first impression. According to the analysis of psychology, the first impression is usually produced in the first seven seconds, which and into the interior of the housing examine entrance and adjust the breathing at nearly the same time. In the west, the entrance is on behalf of the family money, the house would have a decisive impact.
Entrance is from the door into the living room of the buffer zone, lets the movement entrants static convergence and God, also is entraining into the house must pass through, so the decoration quality can directly affect the residential Feng Shui.
China's traditional courtyard entry points are provided in the large porch, and modern city residential area generally narrow, if the set of traditional large porch, obviously feel cramped space, it is difficult to maneuvers. So a compromise is the glass screen for interval, which can prevent air from the gate straight into the living room, but also can make the narrow porch does not appear too cramped.
Nine set up the attention of:
1 living room entrance intervals should be below the solid, to prevent leakage, it fully dominated. It can use the shelf like transparent glasses or hollow.
2 room entrance lighting Yi Ming should not be dark, and most of the residential entrance, are not natural light, so in terms of lighting must be hyperactivity brains. In addition to appropriate interval by a transparent frosted glass, the entrance to the living room had mostly outdoor natural light, indoor light to remedy, such as installation of lights and the like.
Too high or too low interval should be 3 of the living room, but should be moderate. Generally two meters height is the most suitable, the following can do cabinets and the like, about eighty-eight cm high. On the shelf, if available, the living room space is too high, which will be in the sense of oppression. Feng Shui school believes that living room entrance if set too high, will be completely blocked the outside of the gas, so as to cut off from the door to the fresh air or angry, is very undesirable. And too low, there is no effect, both in terms of Feng Shui and practical aspects are not appropriate.
4. Inside the living room should be kept clean and tidy, if in the surrounding stacked too much debris will not only so that the living room look cluttered, but also will have an impact on the residential Feng Shui. The living room entrance messy dark, whole room appears crowded depressed. Can be placed on a number of Feng Shui items, such as the unicorn and the like.
5, porch is generally not next to the windows, in the bedroom can configure large chandelier or ceiling lamps lamp decide, to purchase some lamp, wall lamp, fluorescent lamp as an auxiliary light source. Can also use some of the light to shoot the small lights to do the decoration and decoration.
6 and the exterior walls best in neutral warm color, give a soft and comfortable feeling, let a person soon forget the outside environment of chaos, to appreciate the home warm.
7, in the bedroom furniture to be placed in order not to affect the owner's access to the principle of. If the bedroom area is too small, can use low cabinet, shoe and other furniture to expand storage space. Also can be modified through the furniture to achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone, such as the floor type furniture is changed into a suspension of the display, or the low cabinet made of open wardrobe, increase practical at the same time and save the space.
8, do the entrance in regard to functional and decorative, can not be ignored. Even if it is a small pot of daisies, a picture of his family's photo, a quite artistic conception of landscape painting can for the entrance foil an extraordinary effect.
9, porch ground material to have wear and easy cleaning. If want the entrance area and living room are different, you can choose and the living room color is not a floor tiles laying, but also the porch ground increased, in the sitting room with office made a small slope, in order to the special status of the porch stresses.