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Professional men and office feng shui

Date:2016-01-16 Form: JiaHong Furniture   Hit

"To office for the home" has become a real life portrayal of a modern city office workers. On-the-job field competition is intense, layoffs occur frequently in how to let yourself firmly to keep their jobs, or even skyrocket, become each office staff is very concerned about the problem. In fact, in the company, guanyunhengtong in addition to its own strength, the feng shui office is also very important.
Then in the office in which the location, direction of Feng Shui best? What position is not ideal? Never say you don't believe in evil, even the ancient Chinese "book of changes" tried to predict good and bad fortune in the wonderful changes, to change the destiny.
The ancients called "Feng Shui" refers to "the daily living environment" for white-collar workers, office environment is the "market finally." a "system" is "heteronomy" position, is the best Feng Shui in the workplace, that is to say, one can see other people's every act and every move, and can protect the privacy of their own position, this also coincided with art "into the attack, retreat" strategy, so it is mostly a boss or supervisor who favor the position. For the general staff is small it is difficult to have the opportunity to get "clear" position, in fact, it didn't matter. Within each seat radius, can also create a conducive to their own space. We must first ensure that the body and mind without interference, and allow rapid concentration of thinking, clear thinking. So, what kind of environment is not conducive to the above requirements?
1 in front of a mirror -- easy to affect the sympathetic nerve, so that thinking can not be concentrated for a long time.
2 back no patron (aisle or window is behind) -- mood restless.
Smell and 3 Restroom or are on the front face of People are hurrying to and fro. -- unpleasant easily lead to distraction.
These positions are not conducive to the play of the director, but in case of misfortune to be arranged to such a location, it does not matter, you can use a number of small ways to improve, such as:
1 block the line of sight with some small shelter (like a pot).
2 use high to increase the sense of security.
3 for the door and curtain shelter.
In short, increase the stability of the body and the environment, it is equal to increase the efficiency of your work.
The closer to the natural lighting, the easier it is to mobilize human genes, so that it is adjusted to the best state.
Office is very difficult to have natural light everywhere, even if is surrounded by large windows and office, not necessarily everyone can to seat by the window, even sitting on the edge of the window, if the angle is not good, sunshine from behind according to on the computer screen, but not conducive to work. Now I can use some artificial methods to compensate for.
Artificial lighting, to as much as possible the simulation of natural light as well. Due to the bright daylight lamp photometric, cheap, save electricity, office often using fluorescent lighting, but florescent bulbs have naked eye cannot see flicker caused by chronic visual impairment, so best to daylight lamp at the same time use, to reduce the harm to the eyes. In addition, fluorescent lights Pianleng can a lamp is placed on the desktop, can make up for fluorescent lamp illumination angle, but also can increase the effect of visual warmth.