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Office feng shui how to win the boss favor

Date:2016-01-16 Form: JiaHong Furniture   Hit

Talent, boss is not attention, always only fatigue have they not to mention? I believe a lot of office workers must cry: "the boss, you do not see my advantage!" , if the efforts are done, you still are not horses, may wish to refer to the Feng Shui expert advice, do the last stroke!
1, Shishi by gas
Temple gate stone lion all day to absorb the essence of the sun, can bring people good luck and talent can touch stone lions on the forehead, to touch your forehead, let good gas attached on his body, adjust the horoscope.
2, polishing the forehead
Around the forehead is Guan Lu palace, on behalf of the career development and career luck, such as not being attached to the Executive may here complexion is very dull, solution, are often rub skin care products to maintain shiny forehead.
3, the pagoda soaring
High in the cabinet, bookcase here, put a copper pagoda, and the higher the better. Because of this symbol, promoted to be promoted step by step.
4, cock with crown
Chicken jewelry, especially cockscomb chicken, not limited to materials, there are also driven by the efficacy of fortune in the workplace, let bench to sit for a long time, to get attention. For the northwest, north, northeast, South is placed in the home, you can choose one.
5, Huang Qi Wang Qi
Regardless of in the living room or bedroom, keep an amber lights bright, can activate the momentum, increase the good luck, also can get rid of the rigid pattern. For the northwest, north, northeast, South is placed in the home, you can choose one.
6, gems to help me
Please prepare 7 kinds of different materials, colors, such as crystal, agate, jade, and so on, and put them in the container which is not limited to the material, placed in the left hand side of his desk, to help his work smoothly.
7, after the patron
Office rear seat must have walls, cabinets and other barrier as to rely on, otherwise, the vacant feeling, resulting in work is not stable, as if there is no backer for help.
8, copper Dashun
The same table in the office or the left hand side, the largest and most top drawer plate, will receive the redirection effect. 66 nickels said "Shun", 88 nickels said "hair", 168 coins said "the road".
9, crystal nano gas
Purple crystal cave is a common use of Feng Shui props, because of its sunken cave, you can conserve good luck, may be placed on the left hand side of the office table, but do not let the crystal hole into the water.