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Office of feng shui office of Shenzhen Office

Date:2016-01-16 Form: JiaHong Furniture   Hit

Office feng shui is good or bad, not only affects the overall Career Horoscope, in fact, and each employee's wife, Choi, son, Paul has close relationship, it serves to show the importance of office feng shui!
However, office feng shui to create a variety of ways, in this would like to provide readers with the ten office feng shui taboo, so that we can refer to the use of common to create a better future.
A, the office of the Ming should not be confined to narrow: office should be broad, vast; from the static angle of palace gossip is concerned, office is in front of the Ming Tang, belonging to the off position, from the hexagram on gossip but a symbol of the cause. Therefore,, that the office of the front position, can refer directly to the unit's fate is in the future. If the office of the Ming occlusion, is symbol of the future of this unit is limited, many obstacles, difficult development. Then, if the office of the Ming and the quiet are open, meaning the company or the unit, a bright future, a smooth and successful.
Second, the office is not in front of a rush evil spirit: office is not in front of every variety of rush evil spirit: road rush evil spirit, pole trees evil evil, evil, and so pointed. Otherwise the worker or a supervisor is not only easy to just, obstruction of the frequent occurrence, disease, strange things again and again, non official tongue, even frequent personnel changes, lack of centripetal force, unable to retain the staff.
Third, the office of the seats should not be empty: the office of the seats should have the backing; backing as a result of a good master class, support force, steady act, subsequent force foot; such as seat empty, it is often insufficient strength, physical weakness, personnel stability issues, staff lack of centripetal force, elegant is not significant, even seriously affect all the company a foothold in space.
Four, the office should not be dark unknown, the lack of lighting: Office of light and shade, and all the cause of the success or failure of the absolute relationship. Office should be adequate lighting, bright and pleasant, so that the results can be flourishing, good people. Reward and punishment, employees of their director, responsible for the heart. Conversely, the dark clouds of the office, often impede the smooth and, and the villains in power, dereliction of duty, low staff morale fortune.
Five, the office should not be guilty of the White Tiger: geographical Feng Shui said that there is a saying [would rather long Gao Qian Zhang, should not be the white tiger disorderly rise. ] in other words, from the point of view of Feng Shui, the office of the forward side looking out, it is best left to right above the Long Hu; that is left in front of the building should be slightly higher than the right in front of the building, because it said the office of migration often there will be a positive development, and everything good fortune, everything went smoothly. Conversely, if the right high tiger left lung, often a villain in power, the good people suffer, non official tongue, full of disaster, good fails to adverse negative phenomenon.
Six offices, there should not be around Qiao Sha: Office of the nearby buildings should not be too high, otherwise it will not only bring a sense of oppression, and may even cause damage to the office of career stability, have a good time when bad luck to subvert the original Feng Shui gas bureau should have the advantages, staff and even the loss of ethical emotion, fanlianburen people.
Seven, not the office opened many Pianmen: open Pianmen although good strengthening office migration methods, in particular the office of the office Wang Yun, large enough can be open Pianmen so as to achieve the purpose of transportation, the spleen and the effectiveness of. However, remember that absolutely can not open too many loopholes, because too many Pianmen, will make slack popularity, morale disappear, not wealth together, Choi Jin Choi, or to condense a and some of the results and objectives.
Eight, the office should not be blocking access. Many obstacles: Office of the access road as members of the general blood, Yitong not affect the smooth; however some of the office actually occupies convenience or careless inadvertence, some should not put into office things were bursting at the seams, hampered the entire channel, so often for employees to bring fortune of embarrassment, blocking financial resources, poor communication, act laborious and performance of all kinds of illnesses, serious impact on career development.
Company office location selection and office desk layout. This is the company's Feng Shui site layout should initially introduce the essentials of Feng shui. If the company has chosen to adjust the access is often difficult, costly trouble does not say, is often difficult to achieve the desired results.
Office location should be in office building collection area, with convenient;
Office location to avoid brothels nearby;
Office decoration should not be too luxurious, indoor color office should be white, ivory;
Office machine should not be in the white tiger, the office of the golden cabinet mouth should not be to the door - money to finance, the office of the mouth of the Golden Cabinet is not suitable for the flow of water - consumption again and again; the office of the golden cabinet can not be placed in the obvious place;
Office of the mirror is rushed the door - the tongue is more; office of the mirror should be installed in the light dark places, the circulation in the office should be comfortable, office desk color as far as possible clear light; office inside and outside the door as An Zailong party, not can be in white tiger, office fish tank bogey in white tiger, dragon should be better; office aquarium can not be installed in the white tiger party to the desk, master desk not near the white tiger party will Penn. Slave bullying owners;
Master desk or about the bathroom door, master desk can not face the walls of suites or toilets, the master desk can not be backed by the toilet, master desk can not be left and right front and rear doors - the main seat is not secure;