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Office feng shui tips for white-collar happy

Date:2016-01-16 Form: JiaHong Furniture   Hit

Joy white-collar workers in the office feng shui management how to make a difference, office although only a small environment, but it is a big ecological field, enough to make you a glimpse into the hole and all, hole in the world, human. Here are the 18 laws of the Feng Shui Management Office of the white collar office:
Law of promotion: Official into the officialdom, each level, the human touch will be reduced by one point.
Law of appreciation: export to domestic sales, even the public opinion is the case.
Game Law: no matter how much you go bowling "dish", every time there will be at least one or two times the whole, so that you are satisfied with the happy next time.
Law of value: no one wants to have the highest value, once the start of depreciation, the more the less valuable.
Life's Law: desperately want to get, is not the most needed.
Tourism Law: no more than the memory beautiful scenery, so as not to.
Law of money: in the hands of all men, but not all.
Property Law: check always be long in coming, and Bill always arrive early.
Backup Law: learn to cut your nails with your left hand, because your right hand doesn't always work.
Law: work to the "essence", rather than hard.
The law of the meeting: all important decisions will be completed in the last five minutes before the end of the lunch.
The law of thinking: a better existence in the imagination, too good things are not true.
Control law: the most easily controlled, often difficult to control than the most difficult to control.
Law of distress: the more complex the problem is, the shorter the time limit.
Cooperation law: a person can do something for an hour, two people do at least spend two hours.
The combination of law: whatever you do, there is always the person you want and the person you are with.
The law of species: the world of sheep will lead to the wolf tube.
Bad law: a critical moment, each manager will kill the goose.