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Office building decoration and office furniture moisture knowledge what?

Date:2016-01-16 Form: JiaHong Furniture   Hit

Office decoration office furniture in moisture to distinguish, mainly because there is difference between office furniture materials, office furniture and solid wood plate is divided into two kinds, is different for the two kinds of office furniture in the proof when practice, first talk about solid wood furniture, the materials of the office furniture is generally relatively strong the water vapor, generally not for penetration into the furniture inside, if the paint on the furniture is relatively good, this is a very good moisture-proof function. On the advice when buying wood office furniture to choose more high-grade, so moisture is good, because, usually under the condition of solid wood furniture has the strict drying processing in the rainy season, in general, not easily wet rot, in addition, in order to protect the office furniture in the rainy season to the less we can open the window. Air conditioning to coordinate the moisture in the office space.
Office furniture plate to particular care, because a lot of office furniture plate even edge are not handled properly, so the office furniture is exposed to the outside, and absorb moisture, age-old words office furniture easy moisture deformation occurred, resulting in office furniture can not be used outside on the four corners of the pad office furniture moistureproof mat, which can effectively prevent the absorption of water vapor, and if found deformation, mildew to timely treatment.
Moisture common sense: prevention based
For the family has been renovated, especially in the wet season should pay attention to moisture. First of all, in the wet weather and try not to open the window to south south because the air is the warm air. Second, the weather should not be a window ventilation, especially in the outdoor environment should be less humid conditions of the window or not open the window, when the sun, and then open the window ventilation. In addition, Jiahong office furniture company that moisture the moisture absorption box is placed in the corner of a wall, wardrobe, activated carbon and other dry goods, the effect is limited, can use drying equipment to keep indoor temperature to remove moisture. Such as the winter commonly used electric heater, etc.. You can also use the air conditioning of the pumping mode, and the desiccant to remove moisture. Generally speaking, home quilt, pillow and fabric sofa sets and other home accessories used for a month or so should placed in the sun drying in the sun for a few hours. Because the sun is the most environmentally friendly and most effective bactericidal agent.
Moisture common sense: morning and evening closed window
When wet weather strikes, we must remember the windows closed, in particular to turn off the windows of the South and Southeast, not to the window watching the moisture any opportunity to sneak into the. Jiahong office furniture company that moisture is the most important time is everyday in the morning and evening, the air humidity is at noon more high, if not timely shut the doors and windows, water vapor will heavily infiltrated to the home of every corner. In addition, if you think the doors and windows closed so that the indoor air can not flow, it is recommended that everyone in the noon time window ventilation.
Moisture proof common sense: instrument method
Moisture and humidity can also by means of science and technology, to mobilize all the electrical appliances in the home to reduce the indoor air humidity. Today, the general household use of air conditioning has the function of desiccant. However, the use of air conditioning to regulate the way the indoor air humidity is slow, generally takes two or three hours, and will make people feel cold indoors. If you are not satisfied with the effect of air conditioning, you may wish to buy a dedicated shopping malls, the desiccant, quick, but the power consumption is relatively large. In addition, people in the winter for heating warm air machine also can alleviate to some extent the indoor wetting condition, only the warm air machine effective radiation scope is little, unable to immediate effect of dehumidification.
Moisture common sense: different material moisture
Wooden furniture: wood furniture moisture is essential to maintain its luster, you can use a special cleaning agent or protective wax evenly coated on the surface of the furniture, gently wipe.
Artificial plate furniture: if the edge is not good or moisture, it is easy to due to water absorption, resulting in furniture plate expansion or damage. Therefore, man-made board furniture in use to do waterproofing measures in easy absorbent part with a layer of waterproof pad or do a good job in containment measures.
Leather furniture, leather furniture damp leather will harden cold. In some corner of the surface is also prone to mildew, and even some furniture moisture will deform or discolor. In the dust removal of mildew after, wiping the surface of leather special mink oil, leather oil, leather sofa can be in the following put some desiccant to keep them dry.