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Four simple small strokes to identify solid wood furnitureNatural solid wood furniture, environmenta

Date:2016-01-16 Form: JiaHong Furniture   Hit

Natural solid wood furniture, environmental protection, health, reveals a primitive natural beauty, always been playing the role of leader in the field of office furniture, with its atmosphere, calm, extravagance captured the favor of large enterprises, more fit the modern urban people advocating nature of psychological needs. But if you want to buy real wood furniture, but also learn how to learn a few strokes.
1 scar back into a good helper
All solid wood furniture has a natural color, its color, texture, there are certain differences in the appearance of solid wood veneer furniture is very few defects, its texture is even better than the whole solid wood furniture. Consumers can respectively at appearance and the back of the corresponding position, using wood texture and furuncle scars. And if the corresponding well is pure solid wood. In addition, the scar is also a good way to identify pure wood, promising side of the location of the scar, and then find the other side to find whether there is a corresponding texture.
2 cross section wood surface view
For the identification of wood furniture combination, in short, is generally in the wardrobe frame and plywood, the drawer inner plate and other large areas of the location of the artificial board. If producers outside the artificial board posted solid wood skin, although smooth surface improves the durability, but in sheet section will found two planes intersecting the wood texture, the incompatibility of normal growth of trees in the direction, which is mainly the identification method.
3 fine nail hole is not let go
Some frame is made of solid wood, plate, shelves, such as the use of veneer overlaid particleboard or MDF furniture, the position of the center of the plate is actually plywood or waste wood. Samples are difficult to identify, but approach after installation, use nail hole position can see this kind of furniture, if there is a wood of particleboard, MDF showed pulp, consumers can use the characteristics to identify.
Touch the nose almost 4
Consumers can use hand knock a few wood, wood materials will be issued a clear voice, and voice imitation board. In addition, wood skin feel very texture, and artificial hand is dry paper. The most commonly used but very effective way is to smell the smell of furniture in the near distance. Most solid with species of aroma, pine resin flavor, cypress has light incense and camphor wood has obvious smell of camphor, but fiber board, the density board will there is a thick pungent smell, especially in the doors or drawer, smell is relatively easy to distinguish. Using this simple method to identify, believe in yourself to determine wood furniture also can be.