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Veneer furniture knowledge introduction

Date:2016-01-16 Form: JiaHong Furniture   Hit

Furniture classification:
Style can be divided into Chinese and European style, classical and modern;
According to the material can be divided into software and;
According to the use can be divided into office and civil, etc..
About veneer furniture:
The veneer furniture is: the base material is the artificial board, the appearance is made by the thin plate or the paper veneer.
Veneer furniture, including several (thin veneer, veneer veneer) veneer veneer, wood veneer paper, PVC plastic film veneer, melamine and melamine faced board veneers.
Veneer furniture material: the general use of artificial board, it is made of wood or other plant resources after processing. Wood based panel can be divided into two kinds of particle board and density board
Particieboard: wood processing, residue or trails wood as raw material, by special machine tool processing into particles, adding a certain amount of adhesive, again after molding, hot pressing and made a plate material.
Density board: the plant fiber as the main raw material, through the separation of fiber, molding, hot pressing (or dry) and other processes made of plate products.
The characteristics of veneer furniture:
High temperature paint, sturdy, easy to wear, easy to deformation, not easy to crack;
color, lines evenly distributed, no color difference, beautiful appearance;
flexibility is strong, style can change;

Types of veneer materials:
Veneer veneer: using log thin surface treatment, to the people who look and feel with solid wood furniture as, natural color, keep wood natural color, texture clear and use long life, not artificial substrate deformation, no cracking, low cost.
Common types: cherry wood veneer veneer paste, walnut paste, cut section of beech veneer. Maple veneer veneer, pumping.
- wood grain paper paste cut through the layout of modern laser technology, imitation wood grain manufacture, simple process, high temperature resistant, not easy to wear and tear, wood veneer costs even lower.
- Film: the face of furniture in general the use of polyester paint, Liang Guangqi, matt paint, resin paint, etc.. Furniture surface paint film can protect the substrate, but also can beautify the furniture surface decoration. Therefore, to protect the furniture surface paint wax coating, in fact, not only to protect the furniture surface decoration beauty, but also to protect the inherent quality of the furniture. Prolong service life.
Currently on the market sales of veneer furniture is mostly used as a base material density. It is characterized by:
- smooth surface, there is no processing defects and knots, cracks etc.;
- mechanical processing and assembly performance is good;
- easy carving and molding surface, edge density is strong, can not use sealing material and direct coating.